My First Althea Purchase - Completely satisfied!

8:57 PM

I love, love, loveeee shopping online. It's easier to look for items, you won't have to get out from your house and somehow I feel so excited whenever I wait for my package arrive. I've only shopped on Zalora and this time, I wanted to buy skin care products, Korean brands to be specific. My best friend referred me some legit sites that I can buy online and one of the sites where Althea.

The website was really simple and cute. They have some decent discounts and promos as well which were very tempting, hence I was able to do my first purchase from them. I was able to buy Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser and Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner. That time there was a promo called [1+1 DAEBAK] which is like buy one take one thingy and the Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser was included in that promo, so I was able to get two of it for ₱1,296. YAY!

I ordered it last year, December 21, 2016 and it got delivered to me on the 30th. Despite their notice that deliveries around that time might cause some delays due to peak season or something (since that was around Christmas week), that was actually quite fast compared to what they have promised which was about 10-15 working days (excluding public holidays). My package arrived after 7 working days (9 days including weekends). You can track your order through logging in on your account and click the recent order you've made, you will be able to see a link [Track your order] somewhere above your order list. It usually comes out when the status of your order is completed, otherwise it won't show (when your order status is still in 'processing').

The packaging/box was so cute! I really love it.

I also got a tiny greeting card and a coupon code. So for everyone who wants to shop there now, you can use the code: HAPPY2017

And here are the products I've purchased!

I'm so excited to use these especially after my second purchases arrived just today! I will also post about it later. So far I am very satisfied with my experience ordering in Althea. I'm definitely going to order more from here.

If you haven't tried Althea yet, you might want to try it now. Just register here. You will be able to get ₱50 discount if you register through the link I provided + ₱300 worth of new member discounts. Use the WELCOME-PH coupon code during your first purchase. Make sure to use it within 30 days of sign up or the code won't be valid anymore just like what happened to me. 

So if you're into Korean products, be it for skin care or make-ups, you might want to try shopping in Althea.

Once again: [Sign up here]

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